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Medical Device Cloud Connectivity

Our customer needed a software system to help manage and execute an innovative physically therapy program. They needed to create an automated system to capture therapy results, and maintain a patient management system to track patient appointments, therapy sessions and generate reports. The system was classified as Class II medical device and needed complete FDA Design controls.

Tietronix worked to understand the system goals and constraints that affect the system design. Our customer needed an intuitive system for several types of users: patients, clinicians, administrators, and company personnel. Tietronix developed a system comprised of four sub-systems.
1)    A Tablet based Patient interface allows the patients to identify themselves via a 4-digit code, and execute the treatment sessions. The tablet software communicates to the sensor arrays (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Force Bridge sensor) to detect degree and direction of the movement on the physical therapy machines. The data is streamed over Wi-Fi to the Desktop Clinic System.
2)    A Tablet based Clinician interface allows the clinician quick access to the data being streamed live, execute evaluations of patients and assess the patient progress.
3)    A Desktop based Clinician interface collects data from the machines, sends data to the cloud, and provides a patient and device management interface including handling patient transfers and referrals. The desktop software generates multiple reports using the captured data.
4)    A secure compliant cloud based system captures data from various clinics to allow for quality controls, an interface for the patient to fill in assessment forms and an interface for DBC administrators to manage the clinics.