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Mobile App-Clinician Portal

Our client needed a medical software development company to continue the development of their prototype technology using FDA design controls to obtain clearance from the FDA and CE marking. The client also needed an automated report generation using a proprietary algorithm using cloud technology.

Tietronix designed and developed a system that included a tablet-based clinician interface, clinician portal, and a cloud-based analysis engine. A secure Bluetooth connection was the communication protocol for the infrared thermometer used to diagnose the patient. Minimal analysis of the data was performed on the tablet software and the data was transferred to the cloud by a touch of a button.

The cloud-based web portal is able to execute the algorithms and generate a detailed PDF report in less than a minute and notify the clinician of the results. This allows the clinician to review the report with the patient during the test itself without delay. The cloud-based portal is fully HIPAA/HITECH compliant and uses extensive and effective measures to thwart cyber security attacks. The system is scalable and runs on a cloud infrastructure. The web portal allows our client to manage their devices and use remote kill switches to turn on/off devices as needed.

The system can support multiple languages and is deployed around the world. It has been in use since 2012.