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Automated Medical Device Testing

The Automated Test System (ATS) is a non-intrusive, mobile device testing automation system. The ATS is a passive testing system that requires no software installed on the Device Under Test (DUT). The ATS allows creation of test cases and hardware that can automatically execute test cases on the physical DUT. All actions performed on the touch screen mobile device use a mechanical device moving freely over the DUT with a capacitive stylus to interface with the touchscreen.

To create test cases, the ATS captures the steps as the user guides the system through the test case authoring process.  The ATS allows the user to create a library of test cases for reuse. Monitoring of test sequences ensures the DUT is functioning as expected. An audit trail is created and available for review of the test case operations.

The ATS uses a vision system to verify the existence of objects within a screen. The user defines these objects when authoring a test case. These objects are invariant to screen size and layout, which allows many different devices to use the same test cases.