Tietronix is a software and technology company driven by a passion to create intuitive custom solutions for companies in Life Sciences. We design software to assist medical device engineers, surgeons and clinicians and tailor applications for robotics, portables and wearables. Tietronix is ISO 13485 registered and IEC 62304 compliant.

Bringing the latest in medical software technology to meet the needs of any size organization.  

About Us

The Tietronix Life Sciences Division is a premier custom software design, development and testing organization. Using our years of experience with Class I, II and III medical device software, we provide unmatched quality and value to our clients. We have broad experience ranging from traditional to mobile medical platforms with expertise in many development languages and environments. Tietronix Life Sciences is the right partner for FDA/CE mark compliant product development.

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Some of Our Work

Some of Our Work



Tietronix has received funding under the Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) program from NASA to continue development of novel medical imaging techniques in software-based ultrasound.

Tietronix has developed an advanced interface for the FUS that combines an advanced Augmented Reality head mounted display with positional sensors to create the...Read more

You want to use an Excel spreadsheet in some capacity in a medical device company?  It seems easy, right?  Throw some figures together to chart product sales, enter a quick equation to help estimate battery usage for a medical device, create quality control charts used to monitor a manufacturing process,...Read more